Birdsong Speech-Language Therapy

The Birdsong Speech-Language Therapy Clinic is moving! From the 1st of February this year, the clinic will be held at 15 Alma St, in Buxton Square. Alma Street is scarcely recognisable as a

street in its own right - it is simply part of the huge Buxton Square carpark, which means you'll have free parking for the first hour and you'll be close to some very fine cafes and lots of useful shops.

15 Alma Street is the City Legal offices - a cute little Art Deco building, which will give us more room, lots of natural light and a waiting area, which is all really good news.

Did you know:

Research shows that humans and songbirds share changes in gene activity that affect parts of the brain related to singing and speaking.

The finding may help scientists understand

how human language evolved and to explain

the causes of speech impairments.

In their book 'Birdsong, Speech, and Language'

(Bolhuis, Johan J. & Martin Everaert, eds. 2013.

Cambridge, MA, MIT Press), American neurobiologist Erich Jarvis of Duke University and his colleagues have identified about 80 genes that turn on and off in the brains of humans and of songbirds. This activity, which occurs in areas of the brain involved in imitating sounds, speaking and singing, is not found in birds that can't learn songs or mimic sounds, or in non-verbal people.