Birdsong Speech-Language Therapy

The Merivale Language Development Programme is a comprehensive home-based language and learning development programme for children whose speech, language, understanding, and behavior are delayed as a result of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, other syndromes and conditions, or as the result of prematurity or Traumatic Brain Injury. It is based on the principles of behavioural analysis and is tailored to the needs of each individual child and includes options for alternative forms of communication. While early entry to the programme is generally most successful, gratifying results have occurred with older children and young adults.

The Programme has been designed to be distance-run anywhere in the world via e-mail, following assessment and training in your own home town.

"Many parents of children with serious developmental disabilities feel that if they can just stay afloat, they will be doing okay. My personal philosophy, and the underlying premise of this programme is that merely staying afloat is not enough: the aim is to run on the water!"